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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flynn's Birth Story September 29, 2013

Hi Guys!
As some of y'all know, I was recently knocked the hell up. Well, this weekend, we finally had the baby. I have to be honest with you, it was everything I could have ever imagined! It was my best birth experience ever and I wouldn't change a thing about it...except for maybe how LONG I labored!

Thursday afternoon I started having regular contractions that were 4-5 minutes apart. They were not too strong, but I felt comfortable enough having the husband stay home from work and calling in myself since I've always only labored for 9 hours max. Well, we labored through Thursday night and Friday. Finally, Friday, they were starting to get painful.
A family friend came over. She was present for all of the births of the other 3 kids. Well, almost. She just missed The Boogie Bear's birth, but she was there through the labor. We labored all day Friday. The Gay Husband was even with me and we went out and bought cloth diapers, walked our local downtown square, and walked my neighborhood to work Flynn down into the birth canal because Flynn was so high. I was even streaming some of my labor to some of my online friends so that could still be a part of the birth with us. Nothing happened on Friday and I was just exhausted. So we decided to get some rest. Everyone went home. Saturday came and gone and contractions were only a few per hour. Which was fine with me because my body was just exhausted. The Husband even went to work that night. Saturday night the kids and I go to The Bestie's house and have dinner with her and her family.  After eating an awesome meal and getting 8 hours of solid "Dead to the World" sleep, I awakened Sunday to my water breaking. I woke up The Husband, who had only been asleep for about an hour at that point, to help me to the bathroom so I wouldn't make more of a mess. I cleaned myself up, checked out the fluid to make sure it was clear and odorless, which it was, and got comfortable on the couch. I told The husband to go back to sleep, it would still be a while since the contractions hadn't picked back up. All day long, my contractions were about 10 minutes apart and mild. While I was contracting, and playing with the kids, a friend of mine who was 2 weeks ahead of me (She was 40 weeks and some change into her pregnancy) had her baby that morning. So my online friends and I were basking in the new baby. The contractions were starting to get stronger and I could feel them in my lower belly all the way into my cervix. Still hurt, but just annoying, nothing was screaming "Get Ready!!" yet.
The Husband was scheduled to work that night and he kept asking me if he needed to call in. I was being stubborn and told him to go ahead and go in. I realized that I wasn't in the mood to cook dinner for the kids, so I ordered them pizza to be delivered at 6:15 p.m. The Husband was scheduled in at 5. So he leaves and I realize that the contractions are stronger and more painful! Thankfully, ten minutes after he arrived at work, he decided to call and check on me. I told him to get home within the hour. He was home 20 minutes later. By the time he called me at 5:10 and he was home at 5:30, I had but The Boogie Bear in her play pen in the front room, told The Boy he was in charge of his sisters, put the tv on Netflix for the Kids, and got my ass in the bathtub. Every few minutes, The Boy would check on me while I was in the tub because I sounded like a cow being murdered. After reassuring him I was ok, he would go back in the front room with his sisters. The Husband FINALLY got home at 5:30. He walked into the bathroom and asked me what I needed. I told him to get the birthing pool set up. As he left to do that, I had a giant contraction that just slapped me in the face. I literally SCREAMED for my husband. The Boy runs into the bathroom and asks what's wrong.
 Me: "Where's your dad?" 
The Boy: "He left"
Me: "HE LEFT?!!!"
The Boy: "Yup" 
The Boy goes back in front room with his sisters. A few minutes later, The Husband comes in.
The Husband: "Did he tell you I left?"
Me: "Yes! Where were you?!"
The Husband: "Airing up the pool"
Me: "Don't do that shit again!"
After clearing that up, The Husband finishes with the pool and somewhere in there, the pizza is delivered around 6:10. The Husband gets me out of the tub and walks me to the pool. As we are walking from the bathroom to the pool, through The Boy's room, I feel the urge to push and I start to squat. The Husband won't let me. He keeps telling me I have to make it to the pool. So I get my shit together and make it to the pool. I sit so I can catch my breathe. I rest for about 10 minutes and close my eyes. But I realize I am sweating like a whore in church and ask The Husband to spray cool water from the hose on me, so he does. It felt awesome!! While I'm in my temporary normal state of mind, I tell The Husband to start streaming the birth for my friends online. After that, shit got real!
I had a killer contraction where all I could do was the loud "MMMMOOOOOOAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"  over and over again until it passed. I took a chance and checked myself and Flynn's head was right there! With the next contraction, I got on all fours to push, but my butt wasn't in the water. The Husband kept reminding me to get all the way in the water. He even guided my rear end to the squatting position for me. With the next contraction, Flynn's head was born and the contraction after that, Flynn was completely born! I was so happy and excited that I completely forgot to check the gender! Flynn is a boy!! 
The Boy cut his brother's cord about ten minutes after it stopped pulsating. All three kids were instantly in awe of their new baby brother.

 It was an intense and beautiful birth and I wouldn't change it. Flynn shares a birthday with his Auntie on his father's side and with my online friend's son. 
I love that we not only did a home water birth, but it was unassisted. We were at home the whole time. We weren't on a clock, and we were able to do what was most comfortable for us without fear of inconveniencing someone else. Flynn was born on September 29, 2013 at 6:28 p.m. 6 lbs 7.3 oz and 19 3/4 in long. Very healthy and very happy!