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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is It Really Worth It?

 I would like to know just what it is that people find so important that they must text and drive. I was bringing my daughter home from her grandparents' when all of a sudden two cars slam into each other. My poor baby was scared shitless, but she calmed down as soon as she saw the “pretty car lights” --Police cars. Anyway, after the dust settled, we found out that the driver that did not have the right of way wasn't paying attention because she was texting and driving and drove through the intersection.

This car hit the guy right in front of me. The whole time we were waiting for the cops, all I kept thinking was “what if this asshole hit me? I would be in jail because I would kill a bitch” There is nothing so important via text that you have to respond to while driving. They have hands-free devices for phones. Invest in one. Call the person. OR Pull. The. Fuck. Over!
Let me give you guys some statistics, because you know you want to know. When a driver texts while driving, his reaction time will decrease by 35%. When texting, steering capability goes down by a tremendous amount; 91%. A driver is twenty three times more likely to get into a car accident while driving and texting *Shocker!*. About 13% of adult drivers have surfed the Internet while driving. Younger drivers were more likely to engage in distracted driving. Men were more likely to drive while drowsy, drive after drinking, read a map, use a GPS system, and use the Internet. No wonder men's insurance rates are so damn high!! Let's not forget about the fines...if you are found texting and driving you can spend up to a year in jail and $1500 in fines. Not to mention the lives you could ruin or end. So after just a handful of information out there, why would you risk it?


  1. So true! There's nothing I can't stand more then seeing someone text and drive! It's selfish considering how many lives can be ruined. I'm glad you and the baby were fine though!

  2. Thank you! I am so glad we are fine and were where we were instead of 1 car length ahead. It just chaps my ass that people can be so inconsiderate and just plain stupid.