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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bad Bitch Polish

So, everyone likes to be a little girly at times. I am no different. I love getting my nails done. Now I can do all the awesome girly stuff with my nails at home!

Image used from Bad Bitch Polish site. "Master of Ceremonies"
Bad Bitch Polishes are all hand mixed, 3 free (Which means: Dibutyl Phthalate (DBD), Formaldehyde, and Toluene free), and many are vegan. They are all made here in the great U.S. of A as well! 
 Please feel free to "Like" their Facebook and take a look of the full Esty Shop to view all of their awesome inventory!
Master or Ceremonies

Now, to the good stuff!
I tried "Master of Ceremonies" for a week. Let me tell y'all, it is awesome!! I love the color. In fact, everyone else loves the color as well. I couldn't keep The Munchkin from asking me to paint her nails every day! 
I have had this polish on for a week and it's only chipped, just barely at that, once. I've been doing all sorts of rough Mommy stuff, working, peeling tape off of things, banging my hands on walls, and doing my hair. This stuff stands tough! 

The application process was super easy. I didn't have any issues with clumping or uneven application. I may have also cheated and
used "The Bitch's" own  tips when applying her product.

With a Base Coat
I have to say, I am in love with Bad Bitch Polish. I will be stocking up on her products and very soon. You can as well! 

After selecting your awesome color(s) of choice, before you check out, use the code SURVIVINGLIFE to get 10% off of your entire purchase! Bad Bitch Polish is also trying to help us #PayItForward and #HelpConnieJo. In addition to the 10% off, she is donating $1 for every bottle sold from now until December 15th when you enter the same code.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Paying It Forward

ConnieJo is a sweet, sweet soul that has fallen on hard times. She is about to lose her home after years of trying to get her life back together. Here's her story, as told by a close friend: Connie is a disabled senior suffering from Lupus, related severe arthritis, circulatory issues, and is also diagnosed 70% deaf. Additionally, she suffers from permanent damage as a result of injuries that occurred during her former abusive marriage. She lives independently with her two 'therapy dogs', Dakota and Cochise, whom she loves dearly and considers her family. Her dogs provide her with emotional companionship, security, and are her 'ears', hearing such things as the doorbell, since she is unable to hear it herself. Prior to becoming disabled a few years ago, Connie was known to be a dedicated hard worker her entire life. She is a very compassionate, kind, caring and giving person. Throughout life she has often sacrificed her own needs for sake of helping family, many friends, and even strangers in need. She was the sole caregiver for her father when he was terminally ill, and cared for her younger brother when he was ill with kidney disease. Prior to his death in 2008, Connie offered to donate one of her kidney's to help her brother, but doctors determined he was not medically eligible for a transplant. She is also an animal lover, and has adopted countless neglected homeless dogs over the years, including 10 year old Dakota and 2 year old Cochise. In early 2009, a traumatic life transition began for Connie. Pshychologically broken, battered, and sick, Connie divorced her spouse after suffering a lengthy history of physical, pychological and financial abuse. The abuses by her former spouse continued after her divorce. She was advised by trauma doctors and legal professionals, to relocate to protect her physical and emotional well being. In late 2010, Connie courageously left behind the place she had known as home for almost 40 years. Along with her two beloved dogs, Connie relocated to Kansas City and began rebuilding a new life free of abuse, torment, and fear. Her former husband destroyed all financial security, so Connie sold a majority of her personal belongings and property to raise enough money so that she could afford to buy an inexpensive, modest, 2 bedroom home in Kansas City that is handicap and wheelchair accessible in a safe senior community. Despite disabling and painful physical challenges, for the past 3 years Connie has been slowly cleaning up the once run down house. She has proudly accomplished transforming a house in to a safe, peaceful, and comfortable 'home sweet home' for herself, Dakota, and Cochise. Connie's only personal source of income is her retirement/disability, which is a fixed income of less than $800.00 monthly. She is unable to supplement her income due to multiple disabilities and healthcare restrictions. Her former husband was court ordered to pay $600.00 monthly into a trust fund for Connie but he has not done so in violation of court orders. Her property taxes and insurance were to be paid from this special needs trust fund. Despite her financial limitations, Connie has frugally managed to pay her home's insurance premiums and for necessary basic home maintenance repairs, but she has not been able to pay her property taxes the past 3 years. She and her two beloved dogs, Dakota and Cochise, face the uncertainty of being homeless as of January 1st, 2014 if the past due property taxes on her home are not paid in full. The state of Missouri appears to have no resources or feasible programs available to help. Jackson County, Missouri has added almost $2,000.00 in penalties and interest on her past due taxes. The county has stated they will continue to charge interest on the unpaid taxes. Due to her fixed income and disabilities, she is unable to obtain a loan to pay her property taxes. She has no family financially able to help her, and all other efforts made to pay the past due taxes have been unsuccessful.
Here she is with two of her friends! 
Hoping for a Christmas miracle, we're now turning to her friends and fellow human beings asking for your help to prevent Connie, Dakota, and Cochise from losing their home. If we can raise $10,000.00, we can pay the past due property taxes, penalty, interest, and pay an additional 2 years home taxes in advance. This plan will allow Connie to live securely in her handicap accessible home another 5 years, at which time her monthly fixed income should increase. At 62 she'll be eligible for additional income through her Social Security, and should then be able to pay her home's property taxes herself. The money raised will be securely deposited in to Connie's trust fund, and the trust will directly pay her property taxes to Jackson County, Missouri. Any additional money raised over our goal of $10,000.00, will also be deposited in to Connie's trust fund to help pay future property taxes, insurances, necessary home repairs, such as if her hot water heater would need replaced, or to provide necessary veterinary care for her beloved dogs. Connie is a very proud humble person, and not the type of person who would ask others for help. Rather, she is the one always helping others, but this time she desperately needs our help, to save her safe and secure handicap accessible home from property tax foreclosure.
ConnieJo on stage with Kid Rock in Kansas City
You guys... it will NOT be that hard to save Connie's life as she knows it if we work together. I have over 150,000 fans on Facebook alone, and if each one donated LESS THAN A DOLLAR, we can give this woman everything she deserves, and more. And what a better way to pay it forward this holiday season than giving to someone who would give to any of you in a heartbeat! There are a few ways you can help: 1. Share this post EVERYWHERE. Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can think of. If you are a blogger I give you full permission to copy parts of this post to put on your own blog. Getting the word out will help more than anything. 2. You can donate via Paypal:
(Note: If this button isn't working, you can send funds via Paypal to You don't have to have a Paypal account to do this. You can do this with a debit or credit card, just like any other online purchase. 3. If you'd prefer to send cash, checks, or money orders via snail mail rather than online, you can send them to:
She is one Die Hard Chiefs fan!
Help for Connie 2816 NW Kingsridge Dr. Blue Springs, MO 64015 Wal-Mart gift cards are also helpful, as her income is limited and this will help her to be able to buy the essentials so that she can save more money to put aside to save her house. We want to help this beautiful woman that has been through so much and has helped others, even when or if that help meant that she went without. She deserves so much and most of all, she deserves to keep the house she worked so hard to make into a home. We can further help ConnieJo by doing some or all of our Christmas shopping in this group on Facebook.
Shop Here!!
  Vendors in this group are donating some or all of their proceeds from these transactions to ConnieJo!