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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I got stuck with Bebe's Kids...

 What in the gay hell is wrong with kids now days?! My son's birthday was this week and he invited some kids in our neighborhood that live down the street from us to his party. I don't mind that my son has neighborhood friends. I don't mind that he has a place to go or that they have a place to go to play safely. Here's my issue, I can't stand when the kids are rude and disrespectful as hell! I was the only adult at this party. My husband had to go to work, and my kids' adopted grandmother had gone was a trying day to say the least.
There is a little boy that is around 5. My son is trying to open his presents and this little boy jumps in and tears open every gift and package. He wouldn't let my boy to have even the smallest little moment to enjoy getting the gifts he received. So not only did he open the gifts, he BROKE them as well!! What the fuck?! My kid had this gift a total of 3 minutes before this little boy broke his toy! No matter what I said to him, he just wouldn't listen. It was driving me crazy.

The little boy had two of them was actually behaving and was sweet as be. She can come by anytime :) The other sister though, rude and loud and again, not listening. I had to threaten to beat everybody in the house because this little girl, who is probably around 10 years old, kept trying to stick her finger in my kid's birthday cake. Keep in mind, this is before we even got a chance to sing “Happy Birthday.” She's old enough to know better. She kept trying to take my 7 month old baby to HER house!! Who the hell does that? I just don't know what was going through these kids' heads.

I want to know what the hell their parents do to teach these kids manners? I guess I should think not a damn thing, since their kids didn't have any fucking manners! If you want your child to be a productive member of society, how about teaching them to listen to the adults. Learn to follow directions, don't talk back. Don't try to kidnap babies, and don't stick your little fingers in my God damn cake!! My two year old knows this, why don't your kids know this? Not one of the kids that came over said “Thanks” or “Please” or “May I?” Are we too busy as parents to teach our kids these things now? Are we depending on everyone else to try to teach common courtesy? I can't tell you how frustrated I was when I was serving these kids dinner and all I heard was “I don't like this....” or “I'm not gonna eat that!” Teach your badass children that when they are over at someone else' house, if they are fed, they eat what is offered. Most parents are not short order chefs.  


  1. lol, this should be on a shirt or something:

    "Don't try to kidnap babies, and don't stick your little fingers in my God damn cake!!"

    (Seth here)

  2. lol it's a sad day when you have to actually tell people that!

  3. So damn true! I would've been pissed! And where were their parents? As a mother of a 5 year old I can't see that I would just let him to go someone's house by himself.

  4. That's what threw me for a loop as well...I have yet to meet their parents. They are over at my house everyday and anytime I ask if their Mom or Dad is home, it's "No, s/he is at work" or "S/he is sleeping."

  5. Ugh. That sucks. I can't believe that they just let their kids come over unsupervised - whenever my kids go to a party, I always ask the party parents if they want me to stay or not - it's just wrong to assume that it's ok to dump and run.

  6. I'm the same way. I'm always there!