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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting my sexy back!!

Recently The Husband and I decided that we are going to work on ourselves to make ourselves happy. He is going back to school and I am working on getting healthy. I have been going to the gym regularly since February. I found out in January that my cholesterol was less than ideal. I refuse to die young because of something as easily (ha!) done as changing my lifestyle. Now working out is fun for me, I am still working on the eating healthier bit, but I have gotten better. I eat more appropriate portions, I try to eat several times a day, and I drink lots and lots of water.

The other day, a few friends and I decided to start a 30 day challenge with crunches, planks, and the root of all that is evil, squats. I have already started losing some inches, but I have found that some of the skin from 6 pregnancies, lots of bacon, and cake has not been kind to me. It needs some help in toning up. So, here comes the challenge! We are starting on June 1. I will do another post with before and after pics and measurements. The one thing I will leave out will be the number on the scale. Mostly because it doesn't matter. I will be building muscle and that weighs more than fat so even if I were to watch the numbers on the scale, they would most likely go up.

All of my readers are welcome to join! Please keep in mind, this is in no way replacing my gym regiment at all. I will still go to the gym and use the tools there as well as this challenge.

Now that we have the tools we will need to make this challenge effective, I hope we all kick this challenges ass!! I'm ready to get my sexy back, y'all!!

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